Getting to know, Andy!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

How would you introduce yourself?

Professional, detailed and like to think I have a measured, calming presence.

Tell us about your experience in the Events industry?

I have worked in the events industry for 18 years in all. I once was an expert specialist in entertainment, team building & theming requirements, so this puts me in good stead & differentiates me from other freelancers. I’ve organised global events with the utmost importance such as BP Shipping’s Centenary & pride myself with their delivery. I will always challenge myself and take on any style of event, such as the recent Back to the 80’s event in Bali - I like to be pushed outside of my comfort zone, the higher the risk the bigger the pay off.

How did you get started in the Events Industry?

I spent my initial years in hotels before working in Florida, USA as a room’s controller & entertainment manager during my studies! After graduating, I subsequently moved into the agency world as a venue finding consultant. In time, I moved up the ladder to Team Manager, and then solely into events in 2011, where I haven’t looked back!

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself or someone else when first starting out in the events world?

Not to panic, don’t rush into things too quickly, and don’t be afraid of getting things wrong as you only learn and get stronger from them.

Most memorable moment working as a freelancer?

Only this year I took a short break from the industry to enjoy travelling through South East Asia. Whilst travelling I was given the opportunity to start my freelancing career early by entirely managing a ‘Back to the 80’s’ festival in Bali for a high-end cruise customer. I only had basic equipment, including a laptop, to operate such large event logistics. A huge amount of work, but eventually paying off considerably and my customer & guests were ecstatic with the final results - a truly memorable & monumental moment in my career.

Best destination or hotel you’ve worked in?

I have been lucky enough to work all over the globe. Destination wise, I would say either Bali because of its sheer beauty and people, or South Korea as it was truly fascinating, and culturally, very different to work in.

What is your favourite venue/hotel?

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Chicago. Understated elegance & astonishing service. Chicago is another favourite city of mine - I can’t wait to go back if I get the opportunity!

Where did you get your idea or concept of the business?

My idea stems from my love of events. I’m doing what I do best and passionate about. Seeing events through from concept to execution gives me a buzz that you can’t describe. The level of detail and hard work feels even sweeter when working for yourself.

What is your mission/where do you see the business in the future?

My mission is simple. Deliver events to a very high standard no matter the brief. Ensuring each and every customer walks away satisfied and their objectives are fulfilled. I’m not looking too far ahead. Starting relatively small, ensuring each project is given 100% of my time and effort. I fully intend to grow the business when the time is right.

In a nutshell, tell us the about your services that The Event House offers?

I offer full project, event management and additional consultancy services; including production, team building & entertainment advice to best meet your event needs. In essence if you have an event idea & want to make it happen, I will plan, join the dots & bring it together seamlessly (well, that’s the aim!).

What was your inspiration for the name & design?

Being a solo operator for the time being, the name wasn’t fundamental at this stage of the business. The Event House just came naturally; services all under one roof, personal service & scope to extend. As for the colour, well, purple is my favourite!

Andy Edwards, The Event House

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